We aim to produce "raving fans" by conducting our business with the following core values in place. These values are the essence of our company's “genetic code" and they are exemplified by the leadership of the company and they will be instilled throughout the company by leadership example. 

  • We conduct ourselves with a high degree of ethics. 
  • We are fair and respectful of others. 
  • We conduct ourselves in a manner that is morally, socially and legally responsible. 
  • We are honest in all respects and will not tolerate anyone who is not. 
  • We emphasize continuous improvement or innovation in our services and our internal business processes. 
  • We make sure we always understand what our clients need or want. 
  • We always meet or exceed agreed upon client expectations. 
  • We are consistently responsive and helpful towards our clients. 
  • We create an environment that supports personal and professional growth of our internal staff. 
  • As individuals, a team or a company, we have “a can and will do attitude." 
  • We will work hard to fix our clients' problems at any reasonable cost.

Our mission at Talent Services is to produce "raving fans" by providing high integrity, nimble, knowledgeable, responsive and exceptional payroll management services, creating mutual benefits of growth and success.