We are always very thankful for the wonderful and kind words we receive from our satisfied clients.  These are certainly motivation for a continued focus on our commitment to excellence for each and every client. Click on each testimonial title below to expand or collapse each individual review.

I have been working with Talent Services for over 15 years now as a Producer, Executive Producer and Company Owner.  Having worked with dozens of payroll companies over the past 23 years, I can honestly say that the level of service, expertise puts Talent Services head and shoulders above all of the rest.

- Ross Fenter, Executive Producer / Owner

WB Games has had a successful relationship with Talent Services for many years. We rely on Talent Services to be a phone call away, which is great comfort to have when dealing with the complexities of payroll in the Entertainment Industry. They make our job easier by being accessible, friendly and a reliable source of industry knowledge.

- WB Games Producer

Twenty years ago, when I was a production manager working in LA, the worst part of my job was dealing with payroll companies.  The amount of bureaucratic forms and inconsistent protocols each company made you jump through was maddening.  It reminded me of the De Niro scene in “Brazil” - “Bloody paperwork.”    When I put my first payroll through at Talent Services, I was sure I’d hear from them as soon as they processed the timecards, telling me I forgot to submit form "27 B-Stroke 6.”  The only message they sent was “Received - thanks!”  A few hours later, their invoice popped into my Inbox.  And I’ve used Talent Services ever since.

- Chris Borden, Senior Producer

Talent Services has been the highly valued payroll partner for all BigHouse Production projects for years. TSI is an important member of the BigHouse team and allows us to provide our customers, vendors and employees with first-class financial and payroll services.

- George Riddell, President – Producer/Director

I was introduced to Talent Services the year I moved to the Northwest in the summer of 1991 and I've been using their payroll services ever since. Working with me on large film projects with multiple freelance crews to weekly employee payroll for Media Agents, Talent Services has always been dependable, knowledgeable and available when needed and always a joy to do business with. I highly recommend their services. 

- Andrew Bradner, Executive Producer

Talent Services has been my payroll partner for the last 5 years, working together on numerous interactive productions. They deliver fast, professional service. Most importantly, and what sets them apart from other payroll companies, is their customer service. They operate like an internal department, not a faceless payroll company.

- Darragh O’Farrell, Director/Producer

We have used Talent Services for years, and after hundreds of payrolls, we still get the same exceptional services.  With crews working in multiple states, Talent Services has made our payroll and taxes virtually fool proof. They are an exceptional group of talented professionals and I would recommend them to anyone without reservation

- Dion Cook

Talent Services has been an absolute lifesaver dealing with the complexities of SAG vs. AFTRA, NW Code vs. National, new rates, contract renewals, etc. etc.  I'm a music composer and engineer, not a talent payroll person.  TSI takes care of all the details for me so I can concentrate on doing my job well. 

- Nick Denke

Their company name says it all. They have an incredibly talented staff who provides exemplary services to the production world. The Talent Services team is a pleasure to work with because they are always friendly, positive and professional. They are problem solvers who help make a producer’s job a little easier.

- Howard Kennedy, Senior Producer

In my 12-plus years working on this side of the industry, I've forged a terrific, mutually beneficial working relationship with the people at Talent Services. They're an invaluable asset to the local production community!

- Chris Comte, Contracts Administrator